2008 Mercedes E500 on 20″ Avant Garde F410

2008 Mercedes E500
F410 [ Mirror Turquoise – 20×9.5″ / 20×11″ ]



2013 Porsche Carrera on 21″ Avant Garde F130

2013 Porsche Carrera
F130 [ Brushed Polished – 21×9″ / 21×11″ ]


2011 Audi A4 Avant on 20″ M590 Wheels

New photo and video shoot of Rilber’s Audi B8 A4 Avant aired out with AccuAir Suspension E-Level on a 20×10″ / 20×10″ M590 wheel setup.

2013 BMW 550i on 20″ Avant Garde M550 Wheels

Our second video is up! We weren’t lying when we said we’d be doing one a week.

2013 BMW 550i
M550 [ Satin Silver – 20×9″ / 20×10.5″ ]

New Year, New Videos. Introducing the Avant Garde Wheels YouTube channel.

>> http://www.youtube.com/avantgardewheels <<

We've just released our first video and plan on bringing out new videos every week! Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date.

2013 Audi S7
M590 – http://www.agwheels.com/m590.php
[ Satin Silver / 20×10" / 20×10" ]

New 20×8.5″ and 20×10″ M590 Fitments Have Arrived!


The new 20″ fitments for the M590 are good in stock! As planned, we have both a wide range of preset fitments available as well as Bespoke options to cover the widest range of vehicle applications.

With the arrival of our newest sizes, the M590 Bespoke is now available in 19×8.5″, 19×9.5″, 20×8.5″ and 20×10″ widths with custom offsets starting at ET15. We’ve also updated our inventory to reflect the addition of our new preset fitments – http://agwheels.com/inventory.pdf

Please contact your local dealer or feel free to contact us directly for any further inquiries.

Avant Garde Wheels Photos of the Year: 2013 in Review

With today being the last day of 2013, we’re going to continue our cherished, one-year-long tradition of picking out our favorite photo shoots from each month in the last year.

Once again, this past year has been one of immense growth for both our cast Avant Garde series and forged AG Function / Form series. The year started off with us moving into our new, much larger headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California. With the ability to maintain a larger inventory, we’ve been able to release many new designs as well as multiple new fitments for our existing designs. 2013 also saw the birth of our newest Bespoke program. Under the Bespoke program, we’ve been able to offer a similar level of tailored customization from our forged lines to our M-series cast line. This paved the way for our dealers and customers to help us come up with some really unique finishes.

Looking forward to 2014, we already have several new designs up our sleeves that are currently in the engineering pipeline. With the continued growth of our brand, there has also been an increased demand for merchandise and apparel. We can’t reveal much yet, but just know that we’ve been listening to all the feedback and plan on making some exciting announcements in the coming months.

BUT ENOUGH TALK! Scroll down to check out our favorite photos from each month of the last year.

January – Ford Mustang GT [M310 / Matte Black / 20×9″ / 20×10″]
Image courtesy of Shane Klein.

February – Dodge Charger SRT-8 [F210 / Red Velvet / 22×10″ / 22×11″]

March – Tesla Model S P85 [M310 / Hyper Silver / 22×9″ / 22×10.5″]

April – Toshiki Yoshioka’s Subaru BRZ [F130 / Gloss Grigio / 17×9″ / 17×9.5″]

May – Porsche 997 Turbo [M510 / Gloss Grigio / 19×8.5″ / 19×11″]

June – Audi S5 [F110 / Brushed Polished / 20×9.5″ / 20×11″]
Image courtesy of 4Mation Media.

July – Audi A4 Avant [M220 / Machine Silver / 18×9″ / 18×9″]
Image courtesy of Nick Caron.

August – Volkswagen GTI [M230 / Machine Silver / 18×8″ / 18×9″]

September – BMW E90 335i [M590 / Satin Silver / 19×8.5″ / 19×9.5″]

October – Audi S7 [M510 Bespoke / Matte Antique Bronze / 21×10.5″ / 21×10.5″]

November – Nissan S14 240SX [F140 / Gold Bullion / 18×10.5″ / 18×11.5″]
Image courtesy of Lower Standards / Randy Goco.

December – Audi S4 [M590 / Satin Silver / 19×9.5″ / 19×9.5″]
Image courtesy of Andrew Phomphakdy.