Midyear Update

Avant Garde Wheels
June 2015 Newsletter

It’s halfway through the year, and we’re proud to continually introduce new designs and new configurations across our lines. Along with these new releases, we are also scheduled to receive one container a week for the upcoming month to keep up with ever increasing consumer demand. Maintaining a reliable inventory is a priority for us as it is equally important to our dealers.

In the last month, we’ve quietly released our newest rotary forged M621 design. This true rotational ten-spoke wheel is currently available in 19×8.5″, 19×9.5″, 20×9″, 20×10″, and 20×10.5″ sizes with custom bolt patterns, custom offsets, and custom finishing included in the base pricing. The rotary forging process allows us to decrease overall wheel weight by 20% (roughly 4-5 lbs/wheel) in comparison to our other M-Series designs. We plan to feature the M621 in a dedicated upcoming newsletter once we create more media content, but in the meantime, we have included a photo shoot below.

As an addition to the current wheel lines, we are developing our newest AG Luxury forged wheel line with entirely new designs catered towards the luxury market. By keeping engineering and machining in-house at our California headquarters, we are able to completely maintain control over the production quality a more discerning customer expects from a luxury brand.

To stay up to date with our new AG Luxury line, please follow the Instagram account – @agluxurywheels
Also, you can view all the current AG Luxury designs on the website at – www.AGLuxuryWheels.com

Below we have included a selection of our favorite shoots from the past couple months, but as always, you can stay up to date with our media content which is updated weekly at – http://agwheels.com/media.php

Thank you all for your continued support of Avant Garde Wheels!



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