M550 Photoshoots – 20″ Fitments IN STOCK – July Newsletter

Avant Garde Wheels
Newsletter Issue #15 – July 2013

For this month’s newsletter, we’ll be focusing on our M550. Available in both standard concave and deep concave profiles, the M550 is a clean 5-spoke design that is at home on many vehicles.

Due to the popularity of our 19″ fitments and increasing demand for 20″ sizes, we’ve released new 20″ fitments for the 5×112, 5×114.3, and 5×120 bolt patterns. Below is a list of the current 20″ width/offset configurations; these are all available exclusively in our Satin Silver finish.

Good news for our dealers – All M550 fitments listed below are good in stock and ready for shipment.

  • 5×112 – 20×10″ +25
  • 5×114 – 20×9″ +20
  • 5×114 – 20×9″ +35
  • 5×114 – 20×10.5″ +27
  • 5×114 – 20×10.5″ +45
  • 5×120 – 20×9″ +35
  • 5×120 – 20×10.5″ +38

As always, you can view our wheels on a large variety of makes and models by visiting our Customer Rides Gallery.

For our dealers looking to receive updated pricing and/or additional media content, please contact our sales staff at sales@agwheels.com or call us at (877) 298-8398.

Thank you all for your continued support of Avant Garde Wheels!


Please send all inquiries to sales@agwheels.com.


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