Wheel Profile: F140 [ 19×10″ / Brushed Polished ]

Before a new design or finish goes out the door, we give the wheel a bit of time in our photo studio. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to showcase all of these shots on our website. As part of a new series on this blog, we will begin profiling specific wheels from our lineup to give you an up close look at the details of each of our designs.

This time around, we will be profiling our F140 shown in a 19×10″ fitment. Since this is the first feature, we’re going to start off simple and showcase the Brushed Polished finish. Although the F140 typically comes standard with Titanium Hardware, this specific wheel has been outfitted with our optional chrome-plated hardware. Another extra option outfitted to this wheel is the one piece aluminum CNC-machined center cap that was brushed to match the wheel.

Oftentimes, it is hard to see the details of a finish when you’re looking at a full wheel shot. Our intention with this series is to showcase the finer details in our wheels.

Leave a comment or drop by our Facebook page to let us know which wheel you’d like to see detail shots of next!



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