Avant Garde Photos of the Year: 2012 in Review

With today being the last day of 2012, we’d like to take some time to look back on a great year here at Avant Garde!

First and foremost, we need to thank our intelligent customers, dependable dealers/distributors, and loyal fans who we owe all of our success to. In the last year, we have gone from another obscure wheel company to a prominent and respected force in the industry. With the launch of our AG Function and AG Form wheel lines, we are now in position to offer higher end, custom forged wheel options to our more discerning clientele. To those looking for a performance oriented wheel without eating into your life savings, we have added a few new designs within the last year to our Avant Garde cast wheel line as well.

We have many big plans for the next year including moving into our new, much larger facility where we can continue to grow along with our customers and dealers. For 2013, be on the look out for more designs and breakthroughs in our manufacturing which will provide our customers with more options in terms of costs and performance.

Thank you all again for your continued support, and we look forward to the next year of new opportunities!


Below, we have chosen our favorite photo shoot from each month of the last year.

January – Ford Mustang GT [M310 / Matte Black / 20×9″ / 20×10″]

February – BMW Z4M [M359 / Hyper Silver / 19×9″ / 19×10″]

March – Porsche 991 911 Carrera S [Ruger Mesh / Matte Black / 20×8.5″ / 20×11″]

April – BMW E90 M3 [M355 / Machine Gunmetal / 19×10″ / 19×10″]

May – BMW E36 M3 [M310 / Hyper Silver / 19×8.5″ / 19×9.5″]

June – Audi A4 [F110 / Brushed Copper / 20×9.5″ / 20×10″]

July – Hyundai Genesis Coupe [M550 / Dolphin Grey / 19×8.5″ / 19×9.5″]

August – Hyundai Genesis Coupe [M355 / Machine Gunmetal / 19×10″ / 19×10″]

September – Porsche Boxster Spyder [F130 / Brushed Grigio / 18×10″ / 18×12.5″]

October – Audi R8 V10 [F410 / Brushed Matte Grigio / 20×9″ / 20×12″]

November – BMW X5 M [F240 / Metallic Technica Bronze / 22×10.5″ / 22×12″]

December – Infiniti G37 S Sedan [M550 / Dolphin Grey / 19×9.5″ / 19×9.5″]


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