November 2012 Newsletter – M510 Photo Shoot Recap

Avant Garde Wheels
Newsletter Issue #10 – November 2012

Following the successful launch of our M510 in the last newsletter, we received many requests from our dealers and customers for photos showing how the wheel would look like on some actual cars. Well we’ve done quite a few builds since then and are ready to re-introduce our all new M510 design — but this time with a bunch of photo shoots. Available in our usual 5×112, 5×114.3, 5×120, and 5×130 bolt patterns; the 20″ M510 fitment is compatible with many vehicle applications. The specific offsets for each bolt pattern can be found in our online inventory at – To expand the number of compatible applications, we will also be having 19″ sizes coming in at the start of next year.

Some of our more astute followers may have noticed a quiet addition to our wheel line in the last couple weeks as well. The new M220 design is currently in stock and available for sale, but we will wait until the next newsletter before we go into more depth about this wheel. For any of our dealers who would like to request more information regarding the M220, do not hesitate to contact Eze directly at or (877) 298-8398.

Thank you all for your continued support of Avant Garde Wheels!


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