August Newsletter – More Forged Designs / New Finishes / M359 in Stock / Photo Shoot Recap

Avant Garde Wheels
Newsletter Issue #7 – August 2012

We are happy to report that the development of our AG Function and AG Form line of wheels is continuing smoothly. Since our previous newsletter, we have brought out a couple new designs, as well as a few new finishes. Scroll down past the text to view some of the newest additions to our website. We are also continuing to add various forging profiles to our lineup. You may have noticed that we have multiple styles of concave profiles on our website. This is due to the fact that each AG Form / Concave series application is engineered with an individualized concavity profile to match each vehicle.

As of today, all of our M359 sizes are currently in stock and ready to sell! Drop by our Customer Rides gallery to view all the M359 photographs installed on assorted BMWs.

For our dealers who have noticed that our inventory is running a bit low, fear not! We are scheduled to receive three containers this month. All our 20″ M355 sizes will be arriving in the coming weeks as well. We plan on doing some photo shoots as soon as the first sets come in.

As always, contact Eze ( or Yuya ( if you have any additional questions regarding our products.


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