July Newsletter – M550 Photo Shoots / AG Function / AG Form

Avant Garde Wheels

Newsletter Issue #6 – July 2012

Our AG Function and AG Form lines of forged wheels are finally viewable on our website! After months of selling wheels without any actual photos, this will hopefully make things a lot easier for our dealers out there. We also plan on adding more media content and information regarding our forged lines in the next few weeks. There are still photos of a few designs missing from the website, but all designs and series are currently available for sale. These can all be viewed at www.agwheels.com/wheels.php. Please contact our Forged Program Director, Yuya, with any inquiries regarding these lines of wheels – the Forged Retail Pricing Guide is available upon request.

Now that the M550 is in stock and starting to move, we are beginning to see the first few photo shoots roll in. We will also be releasing the M550 in lower offsets, in 5×130 bolt pattern (Porsche fitment), a 19×11″ size, and a Matte Black finish (Porsche only). We are expecting to receive the first shipment of these additional fitments in the next few weeks. Please contact Eze for availability and estimated arrival dates. Scroll below to any of the photos and click the photo to be taken to the respective gallery of each shoot.

For those who haven’t already noticed, our wheel inventory is now viewable directly on our website. This will be updated weekly at the start of each week. However, please verify stock with Eze before placing any orders. You can find the link to our inventory at the bottom, right-hand corner of our website. We also have a completely redesigned and easier to read (Now all on one page!) Dealer Pricing Guide available in PDF form for our dealers.

As always, please feel free to contact Eze (ez@agwheels.com) or Yuya (yuya@agwheels.com) if you have any additional questions regarding our products.



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Please send all inquiries to sales@agwheels.com.


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