aowheels x Ruger Mesh Porsche Detailing Thread on L4P

Auto detail and paint correction specialist “aowheels” shows off his AMAZING detail job on this 997 Carrera on our Ruger Mesh posted on Luxury4Play. Read about it in his own words below. He does a very in depth write up about his process in the link below.

Contacted from a gentlemen across seas in Afghanistan to detail his Porsche! Mark Nugrette, soldier for the US!!! Is scheduled to come home in April and is anxious to get back to this very cool build he’s got going on! Mark and I shared emails for a couple of weeks to get this cars paint corrected. It was just re-sprayed with the 2006 factory color and got the “dirty wet sand and buff” treatment. It really wasn’t too bad… we’ve scene worse from other manufacturers and body shops. But still needed some attention to detail! The whole car was Swissvax Corrected & Treated.

Mark has been a lot of fun and extremely great to get to know over the last few weeks! I look forward to his return and plan on heading over to the car to give it a little dusting right before he gets the key back into his hand!!! I feel a lot more honored when doing details like this… It’s always nice to work for heroes!!! I always feel it makes the detail that much more rewarding!!!

As you will see, there are no tail lights in the car at the moment…. That’s ok!! Still looks great!


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